Imran Khan – Imaginary

7 thoughts on “Imran Khan – Imaginary

  1. When I’m listening this song i feel taht, I’m a king of my own and also feel that , i am the luxury person in my life..

    In day by day i fall in crush Imran khan . Am the the biggest fan of Imran khan. In my life Imran khan is my favourite singer.

    Loves you lots.

  2. Nahi song from Daya cypher Sahi keh raha hoon no English my choice I like Urdu Punjabi song

  3. Sialkot Punjabi my choice I'd like Urdu Punjabi your like voice Good aapka hot Agar Bewafa song achha aur Toot Ga says:

    Meri choice English to Vishwas know English no no no. My choice Urdu Punjabi like choice pasand hai

  4. Now this video got you a lot of critizism, being sexist and all that, let me tell you any women who wants to hold on to her man will gladly make him breakfast in bed if he has a job and is’nt a slob. First thing Pakistani girls get told to is learn how to make handi roti from their own mothers because mothers know its a deal breaker if you can’t cook.
    Now the video is lush, glossy and you owned this, I loved your attitude and confidence. Ok the girls were skimly dressed but I’ve worked on fashion shoots sometimes brands can’t please eveyone.

    I still love this song and really your centre stage in most of it, its not really about the girls, if you listen to the lyrics, youre talking about what you would like not demanding that every women has to do this.
    I also liked the comme des Garcon beanie you wore and those shots/Frames were really strong and moody. I don’t think I saw one lamborgini, did the bugdet go on the models ? (joke)

    You look good wearing white, good wardrobe choice, if you have a stylist then they are doing a good job. Oh and the make-up on the girls was classy.

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