Imran Khan – President Roley

21 thoughts on “Imran Khan – President Roley

  1. Ammmmazing… The only singer who more or less does not edit voice.
    Sir, You are one of the top Legends in Rapper World.Awesome…
    You are the one to be called “Mr.Cool”

  2. loved the video, all the different purple tones and tints really work beautifully. some great shots, moody ones are my favourite (the ones before you blow smoke). also the shot when I think is your Bro and you both look away Brilliant! You seriously owned this no wonder you’re getting so many views, tons of images to see. You are blessed for having photogenic face with talent and an attitude. A lot of people can relate to the lyrics, enough said!

  3. Awesome lala i m ur permenent fan after this personality…. i like ur personality and i am trying to copy it with ur brands butt its too difficult lala …. but oNe day i reached ur level and reached ur brand i like versace too … saliute boss

  4. Hey Imran khan i’m listen your songs from 2007 your lyrics are nice very love you man keep it up and this song is very nice lyrics are awesome

  5. Ik tumaharay jaisa koi nahi ha U r n only 👑 Lyrics🔥 attitude🔝Full end Now anxiously waiting for your new album 2k18 LOVE from gujranwala

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